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The Ambridge Mansion-Day2 The Ambridge Mansion-Day2

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

very nice!

Day 2 is so far one of the best ones next to day 1!
the sounds were allot more clear, the mood of the game was great, and its down right disturbing. each and every room i cringe at the site of the carnage or im expecting something to pop up in front of me (it happened twice.)

and also adding death traps was also a great addition to the game. since the first one after lighting the candles your safe through out the game but this one, now i dont feel safe anymore.

Although i find certain things rather annoying where wen i die i loose everything. that gets annoying after awhile. also the ending where you solved the riddle of the clock. the ending its extremely glitched to a point where i had to do it so many countless times to get the real ending. and not just hearing the bells ring.

i give you a overall 9/10

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